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Cultural History Colloquium with Ceremony on the 400th Birthday of Christian Mentzel

on June 15, 2022

as part of the celebrations for the 750th anniversary of the cathedral city of Fürstenwalde/Spree

Festsaal Altes Rathaus Am Markt 1 in 15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

on the occasion of the 400th birthday of Christian Mentzel we cordially invite you to his hometown Fürstenwalde! In cooperation with the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, the cultural-historical colloquium is dedicated to the life’s work and legacy of Christian Mentzel.

Since 2019, the Christian Mentzel Author Team (CMA) has been researching the life and work of the botanist, physician, and sinologist and is now presenting new findings in conjunction with an exhibition at the Museum Fürstenwalde. The colloquium is dedicated to the entire spectrum of Mentzel research:

  • Mentzel’s origin and education
    Mentzel’s work as a botanist, electoral personal physician and sinologist
    Mentzel’s engagement as academician and author

The program will be continuously updated. The ceremony will be musically accompanied by students of the Gymnasium Bernhardinum Fürstenwalde/Spree and virtual participation is possible.

We ask for registration until March 15, 2022 via the following booking button and refer to the fact that corona-conditioned also a virtual participation is possible.

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