Cultural history colloquium successfully held on 15.06.2022

June 15, 2022 marked the 400th anniversary of Christian Mentzel’s birth. This event coincided with the 750th anniversary of his birthplace Fürstenwalde/Spree.

The team of authors of the biography “Christian Mentzel (1622-1701) – Leibarzt des Großen Kurfürsten, Botaniker und Sinologe” organized a cultural-historical colloquium in St. Mary’s Cathedral in his hometown to mark the occasion.

Mayor Matthias Rudolph at the opening of the conference in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fürstenwalde

Special Edition: Cultural History Colloquium on the 400th Birthday

The special edition was published in 2022.


  • Home and Time of Christian Mentzel (Guido Strohfeldt, Frank Göse)
  • Plant knowledge and botanical work of Mentzel (Brigitte Nixdorf, Hartmut Kretschmer, Birgit Seitz)
  • Medical status (Stefan Koch, Ulrich Meyer, Marion Mücke)
  • Sinological work (Markus Mollitor, Martina Siebert, Shaoying Li)
  • Mentzel as academician and author (Melanie Scholz, Astrid Böger, Wolf D. Hartmann)

Excerpts from the exhibition “400 Years of Christian Mentzel” at the Museum Fürstenwalde