The conference language is German.
9.00 – 10.00Entrance and registration
10.00Opening music by students from the Bernhardinum
10.10Program introduction and welcome of guests of honor
Prof. Dr. Wolf D. Hartmann, Head of CMA Team, Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg
10.20Video greeting (recording) from Dr. Schüle, Minister for Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg
10.25Greetings from Matthias Rudolph, Mayor of Fürstenwalde/Spree, on the occasion of the Christian Mentzel tribute as part of the 750th anniversary celebrations
10.35Greetings from Arnold Bischinger, Head of the Culture and Sports Office
Beeskow Castle
10.45Session I
Christian Mentzel’s family, hometown Fürstenwalde and education in his time
Direction: Guido Strohfeldt, Museum Fürstenwalde
10.50Christian Mentzel from Fürstenwalde – The town and his family in the turmoil of the Thirty Years’ War
Guido Strohfeldt, Director of the Fürstenwalde Museum
11.10Between Wartime Conflict and Crisis Management: Brandenburg-Prussia in the Time of Christian Mentzel
Prof. Dr. Frank Göse, Institute of History, University of Potsdam
11.30Session II
Christian Mentzel’s work as a botanist and co-founder of plant geography
Direction: Brigitte Nixdorf, Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
11.30Plant knowledge in the past and today: from medicinal healing effects to botanical systematics and genetic classification
Prof. Dr. Brigitte Nixdorf, Member of the Leopoldina and BTU CB/Senftenberg
11.50Described by Mentzel: Plants in and around Fürstenwalde and what they mean today.
Dr. Hartmut Kretschmer, Deputy Chairman NABU Board Brandenburg
12.10On the crisis of (university) taxonomic education
Dr. Birgit Seitz, Chairwoman of the Botanical Association of Berlin and Brandenburg and staff member of the Institute of Ecology at the TU Berlin
12.30Discussion on Mentzel’s time and work as a botanist
Chair: Guido Strohfeldt, Brigitte Nixdorf
13.00Music during Lunch break with exhibition visit 400 years of Christian Mentzel
A lunch snack will be provided at the conference site.
14.00Session III
Christian Mentzel’s work as the Elector’s personal physician and co-founder of Brandenburg’s medical legislation
Direction: Stefan Koch, Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg and Helios Klinikum Bad Saarow
14.00Christian Mentzel – Healer – Elector’s personal physician – Health reformer
Prof. Dr. Stefan Koch, Brandenburg Medical School
14.20Black Tea and Panax ginseng – The History of Two Medicinal Plants from Mentzel to Today
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Meyer, University of Greifswald
14.40The Pathological-Anatomical Observations in the Oeuvre of Christian Mentzel
Marion Mücke, M.A., Berlin
15.00Mentzel’s Untidy Desk
Dr. Martina Siebert, East Asia Department of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
15.10Discussion on the topic Mentzel as a physician
Chair: Stefan Koch, Ulrich Meyer
15.30Coffee break with a walk to the opening of the Christian Mentzel Promenade on the banks of the Spree
16.20Session IV
Christian Mentzel as a co-founder of Sinology in Germany and Europe
Direction: Markus Mollitor, Bernhardinum Fürstenwalde
16.20Christian Mentzel as a co-founder of Sinology in Germany and Europe
Markus Mollitor, principal of the high school at the Catholic School Bernhardinum in Fürstenwalde/Spree
16.40Christian Mentzel: From Co-Founder of China Studies to Pioneer of a Regional Innovation Cluster China
Prof. Dr. Wolf D. Hartmann, EASA
17.00The Chinese Language and Worldview in Changing Times
Shaoying Li, TCG Berlin
17.10Mentzel’s Work as Librarian to the Great Elector and Chinese Book Catalog in the Electoral Library
Melanie Scholz, Head of the Medical Humanities Library of the Charité
17.20Session V
Christian Mentzel as the 57th academician of today’s Leopoldina and humorous author
Direction: Astrid Böger, Brandenburgische Akademie für Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie (bagut) and Wolf D. Hartmann, European Academy of Sciences and Arts Salzburg
17.20Mentzel’s correspondence with contemporary scholars
Dr. Astrid Böger, Brandenburgische Akademie für Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie (bagut)
17.40Discussion on Mentzel as Sinologist and Academy Member
Chair: Markus Mollitor, Astrid Böger
18.00The author team Christian Mentzel 400 answers audience questions
Team of authors
18.30Closing music and get-together in the City Hall Cellar